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Farmers National Reports Sharp Gains in Land Values

Area reports show strong gains in farmland values over FNC service are

Rural Bankers Note Surge in Loan Volume, Slowing Economy

The Rural Mainstreet Index finds loan volumes up on increased input costs.

Fed Banks Report Sharp Gains in Farmland Values

Quarterly surveys from Federal Reserve Banks confirm strong gains in farmland values.

Iowa Average Cash Rent Surges 10% to $256 an Acre

Iowa State University survey pegs statewide average cash rent at $256 per acre.

Iowa Farmland Soars 14% Higher in Past Six Months

A survey of land pros find Iowa cropland values soared 33% higher versus year earlier.

Nebraska Farmland Jumps 16%

Annual survey find 16% gain in Nebraska farmland values

Excellent Illinois Farmland Values Soar 26%

Annual ISPFMRA survey finds Excellent-quality farmland soaring 26%.

Rural Bankers Remain Optimistic but Expect Decline in Grain Prices

Monthly rural banker survey finds plenty of positives but worries about input costs.