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Soybean inspections decline versus the previous week's big upward revision

Soybean inspections topped expectations at more than 2.1 MMT.

First Thing Today: Wheat leads overnight price recovery

HRS and HRW futures led the rebound from last Friday's sharp losses as concerns with the new Omicrop strain of Covid eased.

First Thing Today: Grain, livestock markets expected to face pressure from global risk-off trade after Thanksgiving

Concerns about a new, heavily mutated variant of Covid-19 produced high anxiety among traders overnight, as global stock markets and oil prices plunged, while bonds surged (yields dropped) amid heavy risk-off trade.

Corn, wheat export sales higher than expected

Soybean export sales were within the range of pre-report estimates.

Market Watch | November 24, 2021

Cash DDG prices plunge.

First Thing Today: Another round of new contract highs in winter wheat futures

Grain and soy markets are trading higher and high-range this morning, led by HRW wheat contracts.

Midweek Cash Markets | November 23, 2021

Corn and soybean basis continue to firm.

First Thing Today: Coordinated oil reserve release announced

U.S. will release 50 million barrels of oil in a coordinated effort along with releases from strategic reserves by China, India, South Korea, Japan and Great Britain.