Export inspections within estimated ranges, but down from previous week's figures

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USDA’s Weekly Grain Export Inspections

Week Ended Aug. 11, 2022


Actual (MT)


Expectations (MT)



Export inspections are 17,214 MT behind last week’s tally. Inspections are running 18.0% behind year-ago, which compares to 18.0% behind last week. USDA projects exports in 2021-22 at 2.450 billion bu., 11.0% below the previous marketing year.


Actual (MT)


Expectations (MT)



Export inspections are running 262,043 MT behind from the previous week’s figure. Shipments are running 23.0% behind year-ago, compared with 21.2% behind year-ago last week. USDA projects exports in 2022-23 at 825 million bu., up 3.1% from the previous marketing year.


Actual (MT)


Expectations (MT)



Export inspections are 126,774 MT behind from last week’s tally. Inspections are running 6.0% behind year-ago, compared to 6.8% last week. USDA’s 2021-22 export forecast of 2.160 billion bu. is 4.7% below 2020-21.


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