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First Thing Today | August 26, 2022

Crop Tour estimates Iowa corn yield, soybean pod counts below last year's levels; Minnesota corn yield higher.

First Thing Today | August 25, 2022

Illinois, western Iowa corn yield estimates down from last year, Crop Tour finds; Illinois pod counts better.

First Thing Today | August 24, 2022

Crop Tour scouts report lower numbers for Indiana, Nebraska; Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota ahead today.

First Thing Today | August 23, 2022

Scouts head through Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska on Day 2 of Pro Farmer Crop Tour after finding subpar yields in S. Dakota.

First Thing Today | August 22, 2022

First Thing Today | August 22, 2022 Soybean futures post corrective gains overnight as market awaits Pro Farmer Crop Tour reports.

First Thing Today | June 24, 2022

Grain futures rebound from sharp losses, big banks pass Fed stress tests, U.S. beef supplies up sharply.

First Thing Today | June 15, 2022

Corn and wheat futures extended Tuesday’s losses overnight, while the soybean market traded mixed.

First Thing Today | May 18, 2022

Wheat futures faced heavy price pressure overnight, which pulled corn lower. Soybeans are mixed following two-sided trade overnight.